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Disney Christmas Soundtrack! Enjoy!

Hi! I figured I’d share this compilation of different Disney Christmas songs with everyone here! I hope everyone likes them!

Disney Christmas Soundtrack:

Track Listing:

1. The 12 Days of Christmas-The Disney Princesses
2. Adventures in a Winter Wonderland-Adventures in Wonderland’s Alice
3. As Long As There’s Christmas-Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas-Belle
4. As Long As There’s Christmas Reprise-B&B EC-Belle
5. Beautiful Christmas-AU
6. Christmas in the Ocean-Ariel
7. Christmas is Coming-The Disney Princesses
8. Christmas Island-Ariel
9. Holidays At Home-Belle
10. Stories-B&B Enchanted Christmas-Belle
11. The Beauty of the Seasons-Disney Princesses
12. The First Noel-Belle
13. The Best Christmas Of All-Disney Cast
14. The Best Gift of All-Christmas in Wonderland-AIW’s Alice/Wonderland Crew
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