mulberrypie (mulberrypie) wrote in disney_music,

Hello All

I'm new to this community! Have lots to share and always looking for good disney stuff, i.e. park music, fireworks....found a few links to fireworks music on here, however dead links! Don't be afraid to ask for anything, I have a lot of soundtracks! 
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I don't have any park music I'm afraid, but welcome! :)
Thanks! I've actually found a lot of park music recently so I'm just going through and organizing my Disney collection! Will be posting my list soon!
this is kind of late, but would you happen to have the summer fireworks show "magical"? i've been looking everywhere for it!
I'm looking through all my Disney stuff now, will let you know if i have it!
Hello! :] I'm new too! I'd say welcome but I feel a little silly since I've never posted here either!

Does anyone know if the celebrate you song is on any soundtracks or anything? I can't get it out of my head!