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My Review of Princess Tiana and Her Princess Friends Soundtrack!

Hi! i just thought I'd post my own review of the all new Princess Tiana and Her Princess Friends Soundtrack that was released yesterday!

Track Listing:

01 Almost There
02 Happy Working Song
03 Beyond My Wildest Dreams (Broadway Cast Recording)
04 Down In New Orleans
05 I See a Princess
06 Dare to Dream
07 I'm Happy
08 Lesson Number One
09 Where Do I Go from Here
10 A Rose Is a Rose

After listening to the full soundtrack one time through, I have to say that I liked a lot of it. I’ve always loved “Where Do I Go From Here” and “Lesson #1.”

As for the others, I could have done without the song from “Enchanted” as well as Snow White’s new song. And don’t even get me started on “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” not being re-recorded by Jodi Benson.

Let’s move on now.

The songs from “The Princess and the Frog” were all right. Now bare in mind, I haven’t listened to the full soundtrack for the movie yet. After I do, I’ll be sure to review it properly.

Now for the last few songs on the CD. I liked Belle’s new song “I See a Princess.” I didn’t like it enough to put it on a custom CD, but I did like it.

As for Cinderella’s new song, I’ve never laughed so hard at one of Cinderella’s songs as much as I laughed at this one. Come to think of it, I’ve NEVER laughed at any of her songs. I liked “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.” I LOVED “More Than a Dream” and “At the Ball” as well as “Perfectly Perfect Year” from the third movie. I also really loved “Follow Your Heart” from the second movie.

I’m even laughing now as I write this part of the review just thinking about Cinderella’s new song for this CD.

But as for Cinderella’s new song, it seriously sounds like she’s high on sugar and then some!

Either that or someone gave her chi enhancing tea! For any fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender who are a part of this comm, I’m sure you’ll appreciate that reference. GOL!

And now, I’ve saved the best for last! And when I say that, I mean every word. And that would be…Aurora’s new song “A Rose is A Rose!” I LOVE IT! I haven’t stopped listening to it since I downloaded the soundtrack a few hours ago! I’ll even go as far to say that it’s my favorite song on the entire CD!

I’m even going to put it on a custom Disney Princess Favorites CD I’m going to make for my trip tomorrow! That’s how much I love the song!

In conclusion, the only princess who’s missing on this CD is Jasmine! If they only would have put “I’ve Got My Eyes On You” or “More Than a Peacock Princess” on it, the soundtrack would have been awesome!

My rating for this one is 6-10. I would have rated it higher if they would have had Jodi re-record “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” and put one new Princess Jasmine song on it.

If I had to pick one song I would highly recommend to those of you who haven’t heard the soundtrack yet, it would definitely be “A Rose is A Rose” sung by Aurora hands down!

Also, if anyone needs hte soundtrack, I've uploaded it to sendspace.

Princess Tiana and Her Princess Friends:
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