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Music Behind the Magic 
03:30pm 05/02/2015
mood: Hopeful
Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had the Music Behind the Magic? It's a four CD set with music from Aladdin, TLM and Beauty and the Beast. If so, could they upload it to sendspace, please? Thanks!
My cover of Candle on the Water from Pete's Dragon 
02:12pm 06/11/2011
  I adore this song so much.

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Part of Your World cover 
05:59pm 16/09/2011
  Here is a video of me playing Part of Your World on acoustic guitar. It was a lot of fun to learn. I hope you like it!

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Also posted to my Tumblr here.
Adventures in Wonderland Song Collection Part 2! Enjoy! 
11:58pm 30/08/2011
mood: okay
Aloha! I hope you're doing well! Here you go! i hope you like it!

AIW Song collection Part 2:

Classic Disney 2,4, 5 
12:53am 19/07/2010
  Does anybody have a working link to these compilations. Any help is appreciated :)  
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05:30am 10/07/2010
  Hi there... I feel like a complete jerk for joining and immediately bugging you with a request, but does anybody have the song "The Hero of the Story"...? It appeared on the 2006 CD "Disney's Love Songs", and it says it's from "a Disney Christmas album" - but I can't seem to find either of those! Besides, I only need this one song.

Halp? ;__;
Lion King OST 
02:44am 09/07/2010
mood: bouncy
Hello ~

Just finished watching Lion King I & II, and would reaaaally love to have the music on my iPod.

Could anyone please post a link for either OSTs?

Thankyouu in advance! :D
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Hello All 
09:48pm 26/01/2010
  I'm new to this community! Have lots to share and always looking for good disney stuff, i.e. park music, fireworks....found a few links to fireworks music on here, however dead links! Don't be afraid to ask for anything, I have a lot of soundtracks!   
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Disney Playlist 
10:43pm 18/01/2010
  Just got a job as housekeeper at The Boardwalk Resort and need a good Disney playlist with as many songs as possible from as many Disney movies as you can think of especially if they're about cleaning. IE: Happy Working Song, Whistle While you Work and A Spoonful of Sugar.  
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12:02pm 11/01/2010
  hey, does anyone have any of the soundtracks from the mighty ducks movies?

thanks :)
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La Vida Mickey 1-2? 
07:01am 10/01/2010
mood: hopeful
Hi! I was just wondering if anyone had both volumes of La Vida Mickey and would be willing to upload them to either sendspace.com for me? I'd really appreciate it. I would share any Disney music I have in return.
12:00pm 14/12/2009
  Please Spread the word about Disney Music Lovers!! =)

disneymusiclove disneymusiclove disneymusiclove disneymusiclove disneymusiclove disneymusiclove

A place to share your disney music and love of it! =) MEMBERS ONLY
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Disney's Greatest Vols 1-3! Enjoy! 
04:28am 13/12/2009
mood: happy
Hi everyone! Here are three more Disney soundtracks for everyone to enjoy!

Disney’s Greatest Vol1:

Disney’s Greatest Vol2:

Disney’s Greatest Vol 3:
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Disney Christmas Soundtrack! Enjoy! 
01:05am 13/12/2009
mood: happy
Hi! I figured I’d share this compilation of different Disney Christmas songs with everyone here! I hope everyone likes them!

Disney Christmas Soundtrack:

Track Listing:

1. The 12 Days of Christmas-The Disney Princesses
2. Adventures in a Winter Wonderland-Adventures in Wonderland’s Alice
3. As Long As There’s Christmas-Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas-Belle
4. As Long As There’s Christmas Reprise-B&B EC-Belle
5. Beautiful Christmas-AU
6. Christmas in the Ocean-Ariel
7. Christmas is Coming-The Disney Princesses
8. Christmas Island-Ariel
9. Holidays At Home-Belle
10. Stories-B&B Enchanted Christmas-Belle
11. The Beauty of the Seasons-Disney Princesses
12. The First Noel-Belle
13. The Best Christmas Of All-Disney Cast
14. The Best Gift of All-Christmas in Wonderland-AIW’s Alice/Wonderland Crew
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Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular! Enjoy! 
12:24am 11/12/2009
mood: happy
Hi! I thought I'd upload this little diamond in the ruff for everyone! I hope everyone likes it!

Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular:

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12:03pm 27/11/2009
  Hey all, some songs I got my hands on if anyone's interested.

Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers
Gummyberry Juice
Gummy Bears
Duck Tales
Tale Spin
Pocahontas - deleted songs (If I Never Knew You, as sung by Mel Gibson and Judy Kuhn, and In the Middle of the River)

Also the soundtrack for Enchanted.

Does anyone have Disney's On the Record to share? I've heard some on YouTube and I love them.
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My Review of Princess Tiana and Her Princess Friends Soundtrack! 
02:03am 25/11/2009
mood: happy
Hi! i just thought I'd post my own review of the all new Princess Tiana and Her Princess Friends Soundtrack that was released yesterday!

Track Listing:

01 Almost There
02 Happy Working Song
03 Beyond My Wildest Dreams (Broadway Cast Recording)
04 Down In New Orleans
05 I See a Princess
06 Dare to Dream
07 I'm Happy
08 Lesson Number One
09 Where Do I Go from Here
10 A Rose Is a Rose

Follow Ariel to my review!Collapse )

In conclusion, the only princess who’s missing on this CD is Jasmine! If they only would have put “I’ve Got My Eyes On You” or “More Than a Peacock Princess” on it, the soundtrack would have been awesome!

My rating for this one is 6-10. I would have rated it higher if they would have had Jodi re-record “Beyond My Wildest Dreams” and put one new Princess Jasmine song on it.

If I had to pick one song I would highly recommend to those of you who haven’t heard the soundtrack yet, it would definitely be “A Rose is A Rose” sung by Aurora hands down!

Also, if anyone needs hte soundtrack, I've uploaded it to sendspace.

Princess Tiana and Her Princess Friends:

Sleeping Beauty? 
06:47pm 16/11/2009
mood: hopeful
Hi guys, does anybody have the Sleeping Beauty soundtrack? I've gone through all the older entries, but the links are dead.

Also, it would be awesome if someone had "Why Should I Worry?" from the Oliver & Company soundtrack.

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Hey Guys! 
10:43am 15/11/2009
  Hey everyone! I'm new to this community and just thought I'd write a post to say hi. I'm Desserose. =]

So, I guess I'll start off by listing the soundtracks that I have for all of you. If anyone wants anything uploaded for them, feel free to ask! =D

Okay, so that's that. I have a few requests, if anyone could help me out.
I'd really like the soundtracks to Mulan and Hercules. I've seen a few links for those around the community, but they're all corrupted. So, if anyone could upload those for me, that'd be great. =]
Also, this may be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone has the soundtrack to the 2003 Disney version of The Music Man? I've been scrounging for that for a while now, but it's been discontinued by manufacturers. It has Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth on it. If anyone has that CD, I'd love you forever. =P

So, yes. Okay. Thanks so much!
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Request: Magic Kingdom Events Music 
03:32pm 10/11/2009
  I was curious to know if anyone had a copy of the Magic Kingdom - Event Party Music and wouln't mind uploading it. If so it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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